Friday, August 20, 2010

My Food Philosophy

I don't really have a diet I adhere to, but I do have an ever-evolving idea of what I consider healthy. To me, the least processed, the better. The least distance your fruits and veggies have travelled, the better (ah, the local movement). The least amount of chemicals, the better. Basically, I'm attempting to shift my diet to be more 'natural'. Of course I'd love for it to be organic, but organic isn't always feasible. It can be very expensive or hard to find. I'd also love to get my hands on some grass-fed beef and free range chickens.

I'm not going to jump right in. This is going to be a gradual shift...dip my toes in first.  But this is going to be a challenge. I honestly am a pretty picky eater. I'm not always open to trying new things. I didn't like steak or salad or lobster or shrimp until my husband made me try it. I didn't eat pizza until I was about 14. I think I survived on macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, and nachos for most of my childhood (seriously...ask my parents). I truly enjoy the taste of processed food. I still don't like fish (no matter how many times my husband tries to force feed me his fresh-caught fish). I don't really enjoy most veggies.

What do I love? Dairy products! Maybe that's the Wisconsinite in me. Cheese is just divine. My current favorite is a Gouda called Big Eds. I get it at our local farmer's market. It's great on grilled cheese sandwiches (mmmm....with avocados and bacon...) or in mac and cheese. This weekend I plan on making some french onion soup with the Gouda on top. Yum! I also love a great fillet (medium rare is just to die for!) and shrimp.

Well...those are my ramblings for now! Stay tuned for upcoming posts on raspberry picking, pickles, and homemade butter.

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