Thursday, August 12, 2010

A New Cooking Adventure

I have a feeling that the term 'adventure' may suffer from some over-usage around here.  Oh well.  I recently found out that I won a blog giveaway from Sarah over at heartland Renaissance (yes I realize that the 'h' in heartland isn't capitalized...this is the way it is on her blog).  She hosted a giveaway for an e-class.  I've never taken an e-class, so I'm excited for this opportunity.  Plus, it's a $120 class!  It's got to be good, right?!  The class is from CHEESESLAVE and is all about Surf & Turf:  Cooking Wild Seafood and Grass-Fed Meats.

Here's what I get to learn in the class:
  • Lesson #1: Protein & Fat: Why You Need It
  • Lesson #2: Shopping & Stocking Up
  • Lesson #3: Grilling: Setting Up an Outdoor Grill
  • Lesson #4: Seafood: Raw & Lightly Cooked
  • Lesson #5: Seafood: Broiled, Fried & Braised
  • Lesson #6: Bone Broth: Making Stock from Scratch
  • Lesson #7: Soups & Stews
  • Lesson #8: Roasting, Braising, Reductions Sauces & Gravies
  • Lesson #9: Pan Frying & Deep Frying
  • Lesson #10: Sandwiches & Salads: Meat-Based Salads & Grain-free Breads
  • Lesson #11: Organ Meats 1: Heart, Tongue & Bone Marrow
  • Lesson #12: Organ Meats 2: Liver Four Ways
  • Bonus Lesson: Appetizers, Side Dishes & Snacks
Check out this great You Tube video on the e-class!

And if you're interested, sign up by August 14th!

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