Thursday, August 19, 2010

Up to Our Asses in Pickles

I have a 5 foot long row of pickling cucumbers in my garden.  Let's just say that the plants have been quite abundant.  Every 4 days or so I get a bunch of cucumbers (maybe 7-ish pounds).  That has meant a lot of pickles.  My husband doesn't like relish (and neither do I) so I didn't even bother making any.

And, since this is my 1st year of canning, I really don't know what kind of pickles I like.  I do know that I don't like bread and butter pickles, though.  So, I've been experimenting with a bunch of different dill pickle recipes.  I label them all (A, B, C, etc) so that when I taste them, I know if I want to continue making them or not.

The thing with pickles is that you can't really eat them right away.  They have to sit for about a month before you eat them.  I cheated and cracked open a jar after only 2 weeks.  They were very vinegar-y.  Not so good.  I waited 2 more weeks and they were much better.  Because of this delay in tasting them, but then how rapidly the cucumbers were growing, I have no idea if my pickles are good or not.

If you see the list on the right side of my blog, I've made a ton of pickles.  We are up to our asses in pickles.  But, because I haven't tasted them all, I hesitate to give them away.  I take pride in my homemade goods, and I don't want a reputation for crappy pickles.  I want to be known for my kickass pickles.


  1. will you be frying those pickles????

  2. Haha! We both know the answer to that is a big NO! I was pretty disappointed in those pickles. :(

  3. I would take some pickles off your!

  4. Ha Leana! You guys can definately take some pickles off of my ass!

    Just don't judge my pickle makiing skills yet. I'm still working on finding my signature recipe. :)


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