Friday, September 17, 2010

Daydreaming About Chickens

Chickens aren't legal in my city (yet).  But when they are, and when I've finally convinced my husband that we should get a few, I want him to build me this chicken coop.

I've already talked to some of my neighbors, and they don't mind my fantasy chickens (but maybe they don't mind them because they know they aren't legal yet).  I'm not talking about roosters, so they won't be noisy.  I hear hens also make nice pets.  They are great for the garden because they eat the bugs.  And their poop manure is great fertilizer.  Of course, I want their eggs.  Have you ever had eggs that were from free range chickens?  I'm not talking about any eggs you can buy in a grocery store.  I'm talking about free range chickens from a local from.  The color of the yoke is amazing.  The vitamins are unmatched in store-bought eggs.

Maybe I should think about actually doing something to legalize chickens in my city...

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