Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pickled Jalapeno and Fresno Peppers

I thought I was all done pickling things.  But then I found out that my husband was eating all of the peppers that I pickled.  I know it's a good thing that he actually likes them, but I wanted them to last through part of the winter, and autumn just began. 

We made an impromptu trip to Whole Foods, and I picked up 3 pounds of organic jalapenos and fresno peppers.  Fresno peppers look a lot like red jalapenos.  But, their skin is thinner, they are more hollow, and they are hotter.  Jalapenos typically rate around 4500 Scovilles.  Fresnos are hotter (I kept finding conflicting Scoville ratings between 5000 and 10000).

I used a different recipe than the one mentioned in this post.  I again referred to my current favorite canning book, Canning for a New Generation: Bold, Fresh Flavors for the Modern Pantry.  This recipe included a little bit of honey in the pickling mixture.  It added just a little bit of a sweet taste to the heat of the peppers.

I ended up with what my husband nicknamed 'Christmas in a Jar.'

I increased the pickling liquid by 1.5 times (seeing as the recipe called for 2.5 lbs. of peppers).  The recipe yielded 7 pints of peppers.  Of course, I only had 5 jars sterilized, so a quart jar ended up in the fridge.  I've really got to work on more accurately guessing the right number of jars...

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  1. love the idea. Thanks for sharing this! THANK YOU SO MUCH:0


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