Friday, September 3, 2010

Sunshine Award

I started this blog less than a month ago, so I can't describe to you how shocked/honored/elated I was to receive the Sunshine Award from a fellow blogger, Ott, A.  Last week she co-hosted Canning Week, and linked up a couple of my canning posts.  It was a fun event to spread the word about how easy canning really can be.  Ott, A's blog, a Latte' with Ott, A is a fun blog with info on gardening and cooking.

The Sunshine Award works like this:  once you receive it, you are to pass it on to 12 other blogs whose positively and creatively inspire others in the blog world.

I don't regularly read 12 blogs, so here are my 7 favorite (in no particular order):

1)  The LeFort Urban Homestead:  I love this blog for many reasons.  The author, Annie is a very inspirational woman.  She's a master food preserver, a pastry chef, a mom, a wife, a forager, a sewer (as in someone who sews, not like the place where waste ends up), a gardener, a columnist...and the list goes on and on.  I recently took one of her canning classes and had a great time.  I also love that she is a member of the same CSA as I am, so when I have no idea how to use the produce, I can check out her blog.  And if you are in the Milwaukee area, she still has some canning classes this year, so check out her blog for details!

2)  Food in Jars:  Marisa has awesome posts about canning.  She includes great recipes and even better pictures.  I love to try the recipes she introduces me to.  She also touches on many different areas of canning (jar storage, food safety, etc.).  And, who doesn't love the relevant giveaways she hosts (yeah...I may have won some vanilla beans from her...).  She's got a book coming out in 2012!

3)  Handcrafted with Altitude:  The Redhead writes very entertaining canning posts!  I love to read about her experimenting (better her, than me, right?) and impulsive purchases at the farmer's market.

4)  Leena Eats:  I'll be honest.  I fell in love with Leena's blog after making her Chinese 5 Spice Pickled Cherries.  The rest of her posts are great too, but when I read the word "Leena" I just think of the best cherries I've ever eaten.

5)  A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa:  Diana inspires me with every post she writes.  I learn about what REAL food is from her.

6)  GNOWFGLINS:  Wardeh is amazing....simply amazing.  I see her as the real food master.  Also, she offers 2 e-courses on her blog.  One is on the fundamentals of cooking and the other is all about sourdough.  And the best part?  It's pay-what-you-can.

7)  heartland Renaissance:  Sarah writes often writes about food, and of course, the canning posts are my favorites.  She also includes a lot of real food...with yummy pictures!  (and I may have won the Surf & Turf e-course giveaway she hosted)


  1. Wow - thank you so much for thinking of me. Sorry I didn't notice this earlier, but this is the crazy season at work, and I haven't had much time for the fun things.

    -the redhead-

  2. Hello Adrienne!
    I am wondering if I can add your link to my links on my FB page regarding awareness and alternative choices from Genetically Modified/Engineered foods. This was a project for college (Alverno) and this website was created to spread the word in a earth-friendly "Green" way! One of the alternatives to purchasing Genetically Modified foods, is to can fresh foods for assurance of purity (if you will) and taking control of what people put in thier bodies. Because you have canning classes, this would be a great link to add! You can check out the site, it is on Face Book, and is the acronym E.A.T. GM Foods (Eradicate Ambiguous Truth). Please let me know if you are alright with my adding your link? If you would like to respond via email, it is Thank you and have a great day! Angelique


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