Tuesday, January 4, 2011

20% Off Healthy Meal Plans at Nourished Kitchen

I just wanted to let you know about a sale over at Nourished Kitchen.  Right now Jenny's meal plans are 20% off with the code RFM20.  You can read about her sale here (as well as the other real food bloggers sale items).  You'll want to hurry, because I don't know when this sale ends.  There are 2 subscription options.  You can pay weekly or annually.  And, if you aren't happy, you can get your money back within the first 30 days.

These meal plans are really cool.  I recently purchased these meal plans, and I love them!  The instructions are very concise and there is even a shopping list.  Every week you get an email with a link to the meal plans.  Each meal plan includes:

  • 3 Full Simple Dinner Menus Each Week

  • 1 Dessert of the Week

  • 1 Probiotic Fermented Food of the Week

  • 1 Soup of the Week

  • All whole foods, no refined or processed ingredients

  • Easy-to-follow Recipes

  • Simple to-do lists

  • Information on health and wellness

  • Suitable for Gluten-/Grain/Dairy-/Soy-free and GAPS Diets

  • Recipes serve four, but can be easily halved, doubled or tripled

  • Most menus can be prepared in under 40 minutes

  • I just got done making one of the bonus recipes from last week...orange creamsicles!  I can't wait until they are frozen to try them out.  But I must admit that I did taste them before I poured them into the moulds, and they tasted just like the frozen treats you can buy in the store, except with healthy ingredients!

    If this sounds like something that is interesting to you, click here for more info, see a sample or to order your own menu plans.

    Disclaimer:  I was not offered anything in exchange for this post.  I purchased the meal plans, and I love them.  This is my own opinion.  I do not receive any commission if you purchase the meal plans.


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