Here is my simple disclosure page.  I want to be open about any and all compensation I receive from this blog.  The opinions that I state are my own.  If I receive an item, it will not sway my opinion of that item or company, just because it was free.  I will give my open and honest opinion.  If I like a product, I'll let you know.  If I think it sucks, I'll tell you.

I'm not writing here to many money or to get free stuff.  I'm just writing these post as a journal of what I learn in my kitchen through actual experience, and sharing that experience with you.

I have decided not NOT post Google Ads on my blog because I cannot control the content.  If you see any ads on my blog, they are for items that I either use or would use.

So, here goes the disclosure part:

I am a part of the Amazon Affiliate program.  If you click through one of my Amazon links and make a purchase, I get a percentage of that purchase (about 5-6% depending on what that item is).  The trick here is that I have to have earned at least $10 in commission before I actually get anything.  I doubt I'll ever reach that threshold, but I want to disclose my relationship with Amazon, nonetheless.

I am a part of the Cultures for Health Affiliate program beginning 1/12/2011.  I did mention Cultures for Health in a couple of posts before that date, and I will be (or have) going back and adding my affiliate link in the appropriate place in those posts.  If you click through one of my Cultures for Health links and make a purchase, I get a percentage of that purchase...so thank you.  Once again, there is a threshold before I actually can 'cash out' and we'll see if I ever reach that.  If I recommend a product, it's because I actually DO recommend it, not because I want to make some cash off of it.

I have posted a giveaway for CSN Stores (AKA Cookware.com or AllModern.com).  CSN Stores paid for the giveaway, I just hosted it.  CSN Stores also gave me a gift certificate for $45 to do a review of any item(s) I choose.  That post will be coming soon.
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